Bracelet - Black And Gemstone Rainbow Leather Wrap Bracelet | CHAKRA STARS
Bracelet - Black And Gemstone Rainbow Leather Wrap Bracelet | CHAKRA STARS
chakra star leather wrap stone bracelet
Bracelet - Black And Gemstone Rainbow Leather Wrap Bracelet | CHAKRA STARS

Rainbow Chakra Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Gorgeous and full of color, wonder and magic, Chakra Stars is created with the seven colors of the rainbow set into a night sky. Add this beauty to your day and feel the positive energy flowing into all you do.

Featuring a rare 7mm larimar stone in the center, 6mm gemstones to form the rainbow and black onyx with touches of tourmaline quartz to form the sky, it's a truly powerful and magnificent piece of jewelry, suitable for him or her. 

This is designed to wrap around the wrist two times.


onyx | anti-negativity, self-confidence, alleviates fear and worry, encourages wise decision making, promotes stamina and vigor
tourmaline quartz | good luck, clear thinking, protect from bad energy

kyanite | tranquility, relaxation, creativity
amethyst | anti-insomnia, sincerity, humility and purity
larimar 7mm | balances water and fire energy, emotional expression, love, nurturing, helps new mothers relieve depression and stress. Larimar was discovered in 1916 on the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea. A rare form of pectolite and takes its name from the discoverer’s daughter and the word Mar for sea. Also known as the dolphin stone.
peridot | healing, strength and vitality, calms tempers
citrine | hope, strength, support for life’s changes
carnelian | energy, protect from evil, calms temper, inner strength
garnet | business success, anti-depression, protects from impure thoughts, stone of purity, devotion, love and compassion

VIDEO: how to wear a leather wrap bracelet

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  • All stones natural grade AA+ or higher, unless specified.
  • No glass or plastics used
  • Each stone is woven to the leather 4 times for extra durability
  • Leather color may vary due to the nature of naturally dyed leathers.
  • Stones may vary due to the nature of ... nature!
  • Avoid pools, baths, showers, exercise and contact with chemicals (not you, just your bracelet!)


Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.

Our artisan products are handcrafted in our studio with time and attention given to detail and style. We are happy to make small customizations to colors/size to help customers achieve their dream piece.

measure snug around your neck, wrist or ankle, we add length for comfort

NOTE: if you order an S size but input a length for another size, we will use stones to the S length and add extra layer/chain to complete the longer length.

| fits up to a 6 inch/15cm wrist
M | fits up to a 7 inch/17.5cm wrist
L-XL | fits up to an 8 inch/20cm wrist

| fits up to a 12 inch/30cm neck
M | fits up to a 14 inch/35cm neck
L-XL | fits up to a 16 inch/40cm neck

| fits up to a 9 inch/22cm ankle
M | fits up to a 10.5 inch/26 cm ankle
L-XL | fits up to a 12 inch/30 cm ankle

LAYERS refers to how many times it wraps around the wrist

Refer to the size guide above for how to find and order your size.

Chokers and anklets will have use either a lobster clasp or hook clasp to close.

Chokers will have some chain at the end so it lays nicer on the neck.

Leather Wrap Bracelet Clasp Selection

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If you want your order sooner, let us know and we can work out a faster method. 

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All packages are shipped from Japan via Japan Post.

We are unable to guarantee delivery speeds, this is dependent on local carriers.


Our packaging is as simple and eco friendly as possible, avoiding plastic or bubble wrap. Occasionally an especially delicate item may need to be shipped in bubble wrap, which is always recycled.

We may reuse shipping envelopes in order to reduce waste.


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