Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE
Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE

Long Leather Wrap Bracelet | BEGIN TO LOVE

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BEGIN TO LOVE is a stunning triple leather wrap bracelet filled with 13 genuine natural stones and gemstones, so full of color, energy and power, you'll love it from the start. Healing stones have been carefully chosen to support you, encouraging you to love yourself, reminding you to be gentle and kind to the most important person in your life, you. Silver, ruby, opal, turquoise, amethyst, jade and more, all powerful, all beautiful, all perfect, just like you.

METAPHYSICAL: genuine 4mm and 6mm AA+~ grade stones, list included in the package

blue aquamarine peace and serenity, clear communications, courage
purple amethyst February birthstone, spiritual wisdom, anti-insomnia, sincerity, humility and purity, sobriety, chakra balancing
blue amazonite the hope stone, balances male and female energy, promotes kindness, soothes nervous system
Inca Rose/rhodochrosite soothes the heart, emotions of warmth and love, creativity and promotes intuition
jade serenity, wisdom, peace, calm, healing, balance, anti-anxiety
purple lepidolite the Peace Stone, protection from influences, stress relief, good luck, anti negative
moonstone good fortune, inspiration, intuition, love and business success
Ethiopian opal encourages freedom and independence, stimulates originality and creativity, helps release anger and claim self worth
rose quartz love in all forms, inner peace
ruby friendship and love, courage, anti-melancholy, gives strength, attracts power, joy protection and wealth
silver symbol of prosperity, increases power of other stones, metal of emotions, love and healing
pink tourmaline relaxing, nurturing, gentle, heart chakra, love joy and happiness, sparks passion for living
turquoise protection, courage and love, joy, friendship

Original clasp may not be available, choose one from our collection HERE or let us choose one for you


Fits a 6-8"/15-20cm wrist with adjustable closures. Leave a note at checkout for a specific size, or if you want it smaller or larger.

Complete the look with a pair of hoops for extra sparkle!


Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.



Layer with other pieces for a dynamic effect.
Each stone is woven to the leather 4 times for extra durability.
Leather color may vary due to the nature of naturally dyed leathers. Stones may vary due to the nature of ... nature!
Avoid pools, baths, showers, exercise and contact with chemicals (not you, just your bracelet!)


Made on order, ships within 5 business days. International orders take 7 days ~ 8 weeks to arrive.
Handcrafted in our Japanese studio near the famous World Heritage Mt. Koya in Wakayama. 
Comes simply wrapped or add a gift bag at checkout.


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