2020 Christmas Ornament Kit Tutorials

Follow along the video tutorial to make your ornaments, or follow the instructions below. 

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check your materials

premade ring x2
wire x2 lengths
headpins x2
small bead x2
10mm, 8mm, 6mm beads x2
4mm beads x20
'20 tag x2
paper twine hanger x2

You'll need to supply:
- a toothpick, chopstick or something to make a small round shape with the wire
- a pair of scissors or flat nose pliers to push down the wire ends
- a hand towel, piece of felt or something to work on so your beads don't roll about
NOTE: The cracked crystals may shatter if dropped on a hard surface or too much pressure is applied. With normal handling, they're fine, but avoid dropping them on cement, concrete, etc.


Create the center piece

1 string your small bead on the head pin then stack the 10mm, 8mm, 6mm beads on top

2 bend the top of the wire and wrap it around your small round object to make a loop. Use your scissors or flat nose pliers to push the wire end down a bit so it won't poke you (see 11a/11b image)

set the center piece aside

Put together the ring

3 place your 4mm stones around the ring to design your pattern

4 - 5 using the long wire, wrap the end around the top of the ring a few times to secure it

6 - 8 slide a bead to the wire then wrap the wire about 2x the ring (a little wider than before) and slide on another bead. keep doing this all the way around until the beads are attached

you may not use all your beads, which is ok, mine use 8 beads, but I included a couple extra in case you wanted more

9 - 10 start to wrap the wire around the ring once more in the reverse direction, when you get to the bottom slide the '20 tag on the wire, the continue wrapping to the top

11-11b wrap any leftover wire around the top of the ornament and use your scissors or flat nose pliers to push the wire down against the ring so it won't poke out

Make the hanger and add the center piece

12 fold the hanger in half, knot the end, then slide the center piece about 1 cm onto the hanger

13 - 14 put the hanger loop end with center piece into the middle of the ring at the top, slip the knotted end into the loop end and gently tug it to tighten it on the ring. Hold the center piece in place while you do this and gently adjust it with your fingers so it hangs down inside the ring.

15 And you're finished! Just repeat it with the 2nd ring :)

I'd love love a picture of your finished ornaments! Tag me on instagram @offonawhim or post them on my FB page:

Merry Christmas!!