All our pieces have been cleansed with white sage before shipping to clear any negative energies and get them ready for your personal energy. You can easily cleanse your pieces at any time and recharge them by:
- a white sage smudging
- a day out in full sunlight
- a night out under a full moon

As with any item, pieces will wear down with continued use. To extend the life of your pieces, follow these instructions.

Leather Wrap Bracelets:
- avoid baths, pools, intense exercise and exposure to chemicals
- remove at night
- if storing away for a season, put in a ziplock bag and add a little packet of dessicant to avoid molding
- if the clasp starts to look dull, buff it up with a sponge and a bit of soap, avoid getting soapy water on the stones

Silver and copper pieces:
- silver and copper can be buffed up and cleaned to a nice shine with a polishing pad, which shouldn't affect the stones
- avoid a silver polish paste for any pieces with stones in them, as it may damage the stone
- when not in use, store in a ziplock bag with a small dessicant pack or anti-tarnish pad

How to wear our leather wrap bracelets:
Hold the clasp end between your fingers and wrap the piece around your wrist, then secure to the clasp with the loop.

Bracelet too small?
Try tugging on the last knot in the loop to loosen the leather and give more length to your bracelet. 

Bracelet has extra leather or closing hoops?
You can trim the leather down to about half an inch/1cm for a comfortable fit, or trim off the extra closure hoops, they are unnecessary to the piece.

All items are handmade and shipped from our studio in Japan. Most items are custom made upon order and take 5-7 business days to complete. International orders take 7 days~8 weeks to arrive depending on circumstances and weather conditions.

Restoration service available to replace or repair worn out parts for a small restoration fee, cost of materials and shipping. Contact us for more information.




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