aquamarine kyanite silver dangle gemstone earrings
Earrings - Colorful Chip Dangle Earrings
moonstone labradorite silver dangle gemstone earrings
labradorite crystal silver dangle stone earrings
inca rose crystal silver dangle stone earrings
gold rutile quartz crystal dangle stone earrings
citrine carnelian silver dangle stone earrings
apatite crystal silver dangle stone earrings
apatite crystal silver dangle stone earrings
amazonite crystal silver dangle stone earrings

Simple Colorful Customized Stone Dangle Earrings

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Simple and colorful, these sweet dangle earrings are made with natural gemstone chips and genuine silver. Short and easy to wear, they add a sweet touch of fun to your day and outfit.

Check out our selection of designs, or request your own custom design and get started on a pair, or two, or three, made just for you!


aquamarine | serenity
kyanite | calm
moonstone | inspiration
labradorite | intuition
crystal | balance and harmony
inca rose | love
gold rutile quartz | anti depression 
citrine | hope
carnelian | energy
apatite | self worth
amazonite | the hope stone

Custom: list your custom stones up to 10 different stones (5 in each pair) and the order you want them in.

Handmade on order, each pair turns out slightly different due to the nature of the stones.


approximately 2cm end to end, give or take a bit


All natural and genuine materials purchased either in Japan, or directly from the country of origin, no plastics or glass (unless specified).


Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.

Our artisan products are handcrafted in our Japanese studio with time and attention given to detail and style. We are happy to make small customizations to colors/size to help customers achieve their dream piece.


Domestic (within Japan) | ¥250 (free for orders over ¥3,500)
Domestic packages are shipped via Japan Post. These take 2-4 days on average to arrive.

USA | ¥1,400 (approx $10) for orders up to ¥19,999 (approx $175), free for orders 20,000 and up
Orders to the US are shipped via express post once a month and forwarded via USPS once they arrive in America. 
Orders between the 1st and 27th are shipped around the 30th. Once shipped, it should take about 10 days to arrive.

If you want your order sooner, let us know and we can work out a faster method. 

Other International | ¥3,200 (approx $25) for orders up to ¥19,999 (approx $175), free for orders 20,000 and up

For now, all other international orders will be shipped by Express post as soon as they are finished. These should take between 5-7 days to arrive once shipped. This doesn't include time to make your order.


All packages are shipped from Japan via Japan Post.

We are unable to guarantee delivery speeds, this is dependent on local carriers.


Our packaging is as simple and eco friendly as possible, avoiding plastic or bubble wrap. Occasionally an especially delicate item may need to be shipped in bubble wrap, which is always recycled.

We may reuse shipping envelopes in order to reduce waste.

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