Pink Sakura Cherry Blossom Bracelet on Copper Wire

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sakura cherry blossom copper bracelet
sakura cherry blossom copper bracelet
sakura cherry blossom copper bracelet

Sweet and full of the beauty of spring, our copper wire Sakura bracelet is full of gentle goodness. With a lovely sakura cherry blossom charm accent, a perfect way to kick off the spring celebrations.

💮 STONES genuine 6 and 4mm AA+~ grade
tiger eye [magenta: luck, insight, clarity, focus]
cherry quartz [glass/peach: clarity, balanced energy, perseverance]
rose quartz [pinkish: love in all forms, inner peace]
strawberry quartz [pinkish/white: universal love, soothing, calming, balance emotions, strengthen resolve]
soapstone or stealite [pink: helps with adjusting to new situations and facing new adventures and challenges]
Inca Rose [pink: soothes the heart, emotions of warmth and love, creativity and promotes intuition]
shell carved sakura cherry blossom charm measures 10mm~12mm depending on availability

Handmade in our studio from copper wire, the wire has been sealed to help prevent tarnishing.

💮 OPTIONS: This can be made in silver wire or rose gold GF wire.

💮 CAUTION!! Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.


  • Wrap the bracelet around the wrist by holding one end against your wrist and securing it at the end. Gorgeous!
  • Layer with other pieces for a dynamic effect.
  • Each stone is woven to the leather 4 times for extra durability.
  • Leather color may vary due to the nature of naturally dyed leathers. Stones may vary due to the nature of ... nature!
  • Avoid pools, baths, showers, exercise and contact with chemicals (not you, just your bracelet!)

💮 Package Includes:
List of stones and their energetic representations.
Orders over 5,000 yen or gift wrap orders come in a handmade WAFU bag.


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