REPAIRS | Leather Wrap Bracelet

REPAIRS | leather wrap bracelet

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Your special leather wrap bracelet may need some love and attention over time. The threads may have come apart, the leather may have snapped, and you still want to wear it but it's sitting in the drawer wondering what you'll do with it.

We are happy to do repairs on pieces for a small labor and materials fee. Most repairs are simply a matter of restringing the thread and replacing the leather, sometimes a stone or 2 may need replacing as well. Repairs may take us a few weeks to get around to completing depending on the present workload, but eventually they are finished off and sent back to you with your pieces as good as new!

How to submit for a repair:
1. select how many layers will need repairing
2. return the bracelet to us (address will be sent in an email so check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox)
3. let us know any special requests (i.e. could you lengthen or shorten it by a bit?)

For most stone replacements, the fee will cover it, but if any specialty stones need replacing, we will let you know and send an invoice to cover the cost of the stone(s), i.e. meteorites, gemstones etc...


There is a chance we will not have the same shade of leather in stock, in which case we'll contact you with alternatives. If you are worried about this, please send us a picture of your bracelet first and we can let you know.