copper emerald statement ring
copper emerald statement ring
copper emerald statement ring on model
copper emerald statement ring
copper emerald statement ring
copper emerald statement ring

Copper Emerald Adjustable Statement Ring

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Introducing our Copper Emerald Adjustable Statement Ring! Handmade to give you that unique look, this ring features a powerful earthy raw emerald set in copper. Not only does it make a show-stopping statement, it's also adjustable—so you can easily get a perfect fit every time!

Hidden inside the band is a Tree of Life stamp, a constant reminder to keep grounded and connected to nature and the energy she gives us every day.


emerald | May birthstone, positive energy, inner peace, wisdom

The original ring shown has been sold, each recreation will turn out slightly different due to the nature of the stones and the handmade process, but it will generally look the same. The stones available vary in size, some slightly bigger, some slightly smaller.

Band measures 10mm at the widest point and is designed to fit on the middle or index finger. It can be adjusted larger or smaller by a gentle squeezing or tugging. Do not use hard force to adjust it as it may deform the metal.


The ring has been polished and sealed to help protect against tarnish. However, due to the nature of copper and wearing it against your skin, the seal will wear off. You can reapply it by gently cleaning the copper with some fine steel wool and coating it with clear nail polish. It will need reapplying every so often.

It is best to avoid getting nail polish on the emerald stone.

Copper can leave a black mark on your skin when it reacts to skin acidity. This is not a stain, but a natural reaction of copper to acidity. The black mark will wash off in a day or so after removing the ring.

As this is a raw emerald slice, the stone will have some inclusions on the surface and not be a mirror finish. The stone is also not perfectly shaped giving it a more 'organic' finish rather than a 'perfect' finish.

This can also be done in silver, as well as a sapphire or turquoise slice stone. Send us a message if you're interested!


All natural and genuine materials purchased either in Japan, or directly from the country of origin, no plastics or glass (unless specified).


Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.

Our artisan products are handcrafted in our Japanese studio with time and attention given to detail and style. We are happy to make small customizations to colors/size to help customers achieve their dream piece.


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