sensory fidget ring on wood background
sensory fidget ring on model
silver sensory fidget ring on wood stick
stone and gemstone beads
sensory fidget ring on gray wood background
sensory fidget ring view from top
sensory fidget jewelry set with orange carnelian
stone and gemstone beads

シルバー センソリー フィジェット リング

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  • Eco friendly packaging
  • Stone list included
  • Gift options available
  • Portion of sale donated to ADHD research

センソリー フィジェット リング

美しく流動的なこの感覚フィジェット リングで、脳が処理と集中に忙しい間、指の気を散らしておきましょう。

人差し指にはめられるようにデザインされたこのリングは、5 つのビーズが薄い質感のシルバー バンドに付いており、どこにいても親指でスライドさせることができます。オフィスで、散歩をしたり、友達とお茶を飲んだり、勉強したり、テレビを見たり。

ビーズ: 本物のシルバー ビーズ (4mm) 3 個とローズ ゴールド ビーズ (4mm) 2 個
オプションのチャーム: シルバーコネクターに 4mm の本物の石/ジェムストーンビーズ


ADHD is real

One of the most studied neurological conditions, yet people with ADHD are still questioned and told to “try harder”.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, is neurodevelopmental, affecting people of all ages and includes a combination of persistent inappropriate levels of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. These traits affect all aspects of daily life, executive functions and emotional regulation. Learning Compass is committed to helping people with ADHD work with their brains and thrive.

Learning Compass
is an educational consultancy company created by Kate Kamoshita an ADHD educator and advocate, providing Education Consulting, ADHD Education and advocacy through multiple online platforms.

Education is not one size fits all, find your path.

A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to ADHD research and education.


All natural and genuine materials purchased either in Japan, or directly from the country of origin, no plastics or glass (unless specified).


Off on a Whim products may be addictive. Customers have been seen coming back for more.

Our artisan products are handcrafted in our Japanese studio with time and attention given to detail and style. We are happy to make small customizations to colors/size to help customers achieve their dream piece.


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large ¥450 | bracelets and long bag straps
medium ¥350 | necklaces and long earrings
small ¥250 | earrings and rings

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