EMERALD | a rich green beauty


emerald stones

Emerald, the traditional birthstone of May, invokes a deep rich green image full of depth, sparkle and the mystery of hidden forests.

Part of the beryl family, it gets a green color from trace bits of chromium (if you're into that type of geeky chemistry stuff!)


Found all over the world, Columbia is the biggest producer of emeralds, followed by Zambia, and the rest come from a range of locations. 

The emeralds I most often use are Brazilian, which are more 'earthy' (and a little more affordable) than the traditional clear emerald used in high end jewelry. 

Emeralds were mined in Egypt in the past, however the Roman and Byzantium empires exhausted the resources, and once the Columbian mines were discovered, it stopped altogether. And Cleopatra was known for her passion for this green gem.


Emeralds are a wonderful stone to have around to help you through the day including:

  • positive energy
  • inner peace
  • wisdom

They pair very nicely with gold or silver, and other green gemstones like peridot and prehnite, or contrasting colors like yellow citrine, gray larvikite or black onyx.

Check out some of our work below using this beautiful gemstone or contact us if you'd like something made just for you! 

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