Shipping and Processing


Our goal is to get orders out the door within 5 business days, however, some items may take longer to make. Send us a note to find out about your order.


All packages are shipped from Japan via Japan Post.

We are unable to guarantee delivery speeds, this is dependent on local carriers, however in general:

  • International deliveries take 10 days to 6 weeks on average, though there can be delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Local deliveries take 2-5 days on average.


99% of our packages reach their destinations safely. If your package has not arrived after 8 weeks, we offer a refund or a replacement of the items. Please contact us if your package has not arrived to discuss options.


Our packaging is as simple and eco friendly as possible, avoiding plastic or bubble wrap. Occasionally an especially delicate item may need to be shipped in bubble wrap, which is always recycled.

We may reuse shipping envelopes in order to reduce waste.