What is Gold Filled Metal

Not sure what gold filled (or silver filled) metal is? Don't worry, we weren't either until we did some research and decided to start using it in our jewelry. We made this quick guide to explain the differences between different gold metals and what they mean.

Gold filled metal is made by bonding a thicker layer of precious metal to a more economical base metal. The process results in a very durable and long lasting metal that can be used in your jewelry creations to give customers the look and feel of the precious metal at a fraction of the cost, and without worries that the bonding will wear away over time. 
By law, the total weight of a gold-filled item must contain 5% (or 1/20) of gold otherwise it cannot be labeled gold-filled.
Filled metals aren't affected by heat and water, and are highly resistant to tarnish, just as the original metals are. They can be soldered with care, stamped on, shaped, lightly hammered and textured. 
If you have any questions about the metal used in your pieces, reach out to the creator anytime!
You'll love this choice of gold-filled over gold plated jewelry knowing that your beautiful new piece will remain beautiful for years and years to come. Paired with natural gemstones to add personality and depth, it's a choice you'll be happy with.
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