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I'm Erinn and I'm an independent jewelry designer living in Japan with my husband, youngest son, Pierre the Puppy, and Bibi the grandkitty. I spend my days staying busy in my little studio surrounded by nature and fill my days with creating, contemplating and a little bit of cleaning, plus some English teaching on the side.

Located in the hills of Wakayama, Japan, Off on a Whim is surrounded by the peace and quiet of beautiful countryside. Our little studio stays busy and productive as I work on creating custom orders, hashing out new ideas, dreaming about what to do with my stone collection, and all the other things that come along with life.

My focus is on staying as natural as possible, using genuine stones and gemstones, real metals and materials. 

My stones are mostly sourced from a local whole-seller who has put the stones through quality testing, assuring us we get good value at a good price. Our metals and leather supplies mainly come from the States.


My creations are handmade in the studio upon order, so that each order can be customized to the customer's size and specifications. None of our pieces are mass produced or outsourced to another facility. 

Take a peek at our Instagram Reel to see a bracelet in the creation process



I built the business on custom designed pieces, working hand in hand with customers to create jewelry and gifts that capture their ideas and put them into solid form. From the idea stage to the design, tweaking, communicating, finishing then shipping, I strive to truly make each custom request a piece to be proud of and an actuality of the original inspiration and dreams of my customers.

Get in touch today if you want to start on your own custom piece of jewelry!

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