The Story of a Ring

The Story of a Ring

This is the story of a ring.

A ring no longer wanted and a pendant that needed to be made.

At the end of last year the owner of this engagement band asked me to please take it and use it in another project, at the same time the request for a custom pendant in honor of a young man who left this life too young came in.

I thought the timing was auspicious, and with consent from the ring owner and the customer, I worked on deconstructing the ring, melting down the gold, and reconstructing it.

It took some work, I don't have a rolling mill, so I had to heat and hammer heat and hammer heat and hammer a number of times to flatten it out until it was big enough and thin enough, then stamp the message.

And finally, after it was cleaned and I located a chain and a gold wing, it flew off over the ocean to let the young man's mother know how much he will be missed and was loved by those who knew him.

And that's the story of a ring.



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