Spring Has Come!

Spring has come and with it the flowers, the warmth, the sunshine, the need to get outdoors and appreciate the rebirth of life. 

Japan loves the spring, especially the sakura cherry blossoms that pop out in full glory towards the end of March or start of April. This year they were later than usual due to cold weather, but they finally came and we had a couple of perfect days to enjoy the blooms. Hanami cherry blossom picnics are the favorite way the country celebrates the start of the season. 

 Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Japan Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Japan


And of course taking a look at the winter wardrobe and deciding what to switch out in anticipation of the coming weather. Our Spring 2019 Sakura Cherry Blossom Collection was quite popular this year, with several pieces selling out fast, and fans sending in pictures sporting their new Off on a Whim pieces. 

 Fan Photo Sakura Cherry Blossom Earrings Fan Photo Sakura Cherry Blossom Earrings


The Off on a Whim Journey monthly newsletter went out, only a month late this time! That’s major progress!! Click to join and get in on news, updates and a special giveaway to readers only! 



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