APATITE | Inspiration and Manifestation

APATITE | Inspiration and Manifestation

My favorite right now, apatite is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a several colors, mainly blue, green, and yellow. My preference is the blue variety and I've slowly built up a fun collection of different sizes, shapes and types. 

Part of the phosphate family, it is often mined for fertilizer, acids and chemical. The more beautiful specimens are used as gemstones and in jewelry. Found all over the world, some of the major sources for apatite used in jewelry are Brazil, Myanmar and Mexico.

Prices range for apatite depending on the grade and cut, with the clearer versions being the more expensive.

It's associated with Gemini and the air and is the stone of inspiration and manifestation. Other metaphysical properties are:

  • focus an concentration
  • unconditional love
  • intellect and learning
  • peace and harmony

Apatite pairs nicely with crystal, white topaz, silver or copper, amethyst, larvikte and carnelian, but doesn't play well with other blues and greens because of the teal undertones, unless mixed in a sea-themed piece as here:

SEA CHARM earrings


Drop us a line if we can help you sort out a special piece for yourself or as a gift! We love to be part of your creation journey!

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