GUIDE | How To Adjust a Reusable Fabric Mask or Replace Elastic

GUIDE | How To Adjust a Reusable Fabric Mask or Replace Elastic

Need to adjust your mask size or replace your elastic?
Here are a few tips to help you out!

Adjustment Guide 1

1. Lay your mask flat

2. Fold the edge up about a centimeter to create a tuck

3. Pin in place

4. Sew a straight stitch to secure (like you learned in Home Ec.!)

5. Repeat on the other side


Adjustment Guide 2 and How to Replace Elastic

If your mask has space to insert elastic at the end, you can easily replace the elastic if it needs to be longer or shorter, or if it has worn out from use. You'll need

  • small scissors
  • 8"/20cm of elastic x2 (for adults sizes, a little shorter for children's)
  • large blunt end needle or a safety pin
  • thread unpicker (perhaps)
1. cut off or remove the old elastic

2. thread new elastic through blunt end needle or safety pin

3. insert needle and pull elastic through the end

4. Tie elastic loosely and check the size

5. If it fits, clip the elastic ends down and slide to inside of mask to hide it

6. You can also pull the elastic to tighten the sides for a better fit

And there you go!

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Drop us a line if we can help you sort out a special piece for yourself or as a gift! We love to be part of your creation journey!

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