You got yourself a new leather wrap bracelet!! Congratulations! Isn't it beautiful? 

You may be wondering how to wear this beauty, so check out this instagram reel showing you how to put it on:



We only use AA+ or higher quality stones in our creations, unless noted in the product description. Our stones are purchased from a local wholesale supplier who has put them through quality testing, or directly from the country of origin.

Learn more about the metaphysical properties of your bracelet's stones here:

Stone Guide
A little tight or a little loose

This is easy to fix:

  • too tight: pull on the leather knots at the end to give it a bit more length, or if you can, undo the end knots and retie them closer to the end. If your knots are less than 1cm from the end, I wouldn't recommend doing this, it will be difficult to re-tie them.
  • too loose: undo the end knots and retie them a bit smaller

Extra closures or long tail at the end
  • Clip off that end leather a bit shorter so it doesn't get in the way, or isn't jama じゃま as we say in Japan.
  • If the length of the bracelet is comfortable on the shorter closure, you can cut off the extra closure cause it won't be necessary.

Cutting length: we suggest you leave at least 1cm of leather after the knot

Bracelet Care
  • don't give it a bath, shower, swim or dunk in the ocean
  • it might mold in high humidity, so store it in a zip log with a dessicant if you aren't going to wear it for awhile
  • if it gets some mold, you can clean it off with a toothbrush and bit of soapy water
  • don't spray it with perfume or smother it in lotion, it might alter or damage the stones
  • it probably won't like to join you at the gym

As with anything, time will take its toll on your bracelet. Usually the threads are the first to wear away. If this happens, and you want to get it repaired, you can return it to me and I can repair it for you. There is a repair fee involved which covers the cost of the leather and threads and labor, but any stone replacements may require an additional cost, depends on the stone.

REPAIRS for Leather Wrap Bracelets

Your special leather wrap bracelet may need some love and attention over time. The threads may have come apart, the leather may have snapped, and you still want to wear it but it's sitting in the drawer wondering what you'll do with it.



Keeping your beautiful stones clean of negative energy is very easy to do. Choose one of these 5 simple methods to clear away negativity and recharge your crystals:


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