silver sensory fidget necklaces with gemstone bead
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace
Silver Sensory Necklace

Silver Sensory Necklace

Regular price¥4,980
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • Stone list included
  • Gift options available
  • Portion of sale donated to ADHD research


Help your mind settle into concentration while keeping your fingers distracted with this beautiful silver fidget necklace, created to be both BEAUTIFUL and FLUID. Sliding beads and a sliding hoop on a silver chain make this easy to touch and fiddle with as you sit through a meeting, join in conversations, focus on studying or chilling with friends.

Made with a textured silver hoop and silver beads that slide around, a fun way to fidget in style. Add a stone charm to give it a pop of color and energy!

Three different chain lengths to accommodate your personal preference:

  • 40cm/16" short collarbone length
  • 50cm/20" medium length
  • 60cm/24" longer length

PENDANT: genuine silver
BEADS: 3 genuine silver beads (4mm / 6mm)
OPTIONAL CHARM: 8mm genuine stone / gemstone bead on a silver connector


❧ orange carnelian | energy and motivation
pink Madagascar rose quartz | self love
teal/blue apatite | self-worth, relieves stress
crystal quartz | focus and concentration
obsidian | anti-negativity, self control
garnet | anti-depression
amethyst | wisdom

ADHD is real

One of the most studied neurological conditions, yet people with ADHD are still questioned and told to “try harder”.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, is neurodevelopmental, affecting people of all ages and includes a combination of persistent inappropriate levels of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. These traits affect all aspects of daily life, executive functions and emotional regulation. Learning Compass is committed to helping people with ADHD work with their brains and thrive.

Learning Compass
is an educational consultancy company created by Kate Kamoshita an ADHD educator and advocate, providing Education Consulting, ADHD Education and advocacy through multiple online platforms.

Education is not one size fits all, find your path.

A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to ADHD research and education.

❧ FEATURED: apatite, amethyst, crystal, obsidian, carnelian
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